Doggie Couture Shop - Open Orders as of May 30, 2016.

The following tees have been invoiced and waiting payment:

N / A


The following tees have been found, waiting to be receive and/or in the sewing process (note, tees may not be the exact match and only similar to what was requested):

N / A


The following tees are being looked for:

Sesame street oscar small (6.16)
Cartoon capt america small (6.16)
beatles blue small (6.16)
rolling stones tattoo you small (6.16)
superman comic small (6.16)
rolling stones small (6.16)
mickey mouse ringer grey small (6.16)
AC DC small (6.16)
blue popeye small (6.16)
batman logo small (6.16)
batman small (6.16)
might mouse small (6.16)
lennon small (6.16)
pink sesame street peace small (6.16)
snoopy surfing small (6.16)
snuffy small (6.16)
spiderman small (6.16)


led zepplin xlarge
mickey mouse medium (3.14)

oscar yellow small (4.25)
thor xsmall (4.25)
dino medium (4.25)
snuffy small (4.25)

little thor xsmall (4.11)
dino medium (4.11)
snuffy small (4.11)

girl heroes medium (3.25)
pebbles medium (3.25)
brown hendrix medium (3.23)

yoda clone wars medium
snoopy black/white medium
cookie monster medium

strawberry shortcake small (3.23)

curious george medium (3.14)
cheerios bee medium (3.14)
mickey mouse (grey) medium (3.14)
sesame street (green) medium (3.14)
grover daredevil  medium (3.14)
jerry (orange) medium (3.14)
boxing kitty (orange) medium (3.14)

looney tunes medium (3.10)
rainbow brite medium (3.10)
jetson yellow medium (3.10)
cartoon kiss yellow medium (3.10)

pink strawberry shortcake xsmall (3.5)

blue popeye small (2.16)
jungle book medium (2.16)

guns-n-roses skull medium (2.17)

motley crue xlarge ($22-27 okay)

kiss love guns xlarge
hendrix 1967 xlarge (11.24) - bidding on tee
just ac/dc xlarge
highway to hell xlarge

UCLA law (11.19)

boxing kitty medium - 3 tees requested (12.21)
pink blow pop medium (12.21)
little miss giggles small (12.21)
rainbow brite medium (8.13) - bidding on tee
jestons medium
scooby surfing large
capser large (okay $23)
tootie roll with it large
snoopy smack large - 2 tees requested
piglet xsmall
pebbles xsmall

i love cookies medium
cookie monster medium
cookie monster small - 2 tees requested
lil count xlarge
lil count xsmall (12.21)
oscar yellow shirt small (9.22)